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The Philippine Agricultural Engineering Country Reportt

ASEAN Conference on Agricultural & Biosystem Engineering (ACABE 2013)


Birthing Years


The Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers (PSAE) as an organization was birthed in 1950 by Dr. Felix Maramba, Sr., Famous practitioner and advocate of the agricultural engineering profession considering that during his time. His aim was to advance the theory and practice of the profession considering that during this period Philippine agriculture is looming with great potentials. His vision was anchored on the potentials and prospects of the agricultural engineering profession as a lynchpin of accelerated agricultural and rural development. Dr. Maramba also served as the first president of the Society during its founding years. In the early fifties, observant and keen as he is, Dr. Maramba noted the operations in the agriculture sector was not economical and efficient and need to be transformed and developed through the application of agricultural engineering principles and practices. As take off point, he launched the Philippine Agricultural Engineering Journal to chronicle the latest advances in the field and to attract more agricultural engineers to become members of the society.


Growing Years


As a growing organization, the PSAE was nurtured through the leadership of prominent and distinguished agricultural engineers, notable among them are the following:


• Engr. Alaexandro Catambay (1951-1952)

• Engr. Santiago Cruz (1953-1954)

• Engr. Alexander Teodoro (1955-1956)

• Engr. Alejandro Apacible (1956-1957)

• Engr. Ignacio Ang (1962-1963)

• Engr. Teofilo Mendoza (1963-1964)

• Engr. Julian M. Bulanadi (1964-1965)

• Engr. Pedro N. Laudencia (1965-1966)

• Engr. Andres P. Aglibut (1966-1970)


The decade that followed, notable agricultural engineers held the reins of the organization. During the 1970’s, the Philippine Agricultural Engineering Journal was revived in its circulation during the term of Engr. Benito Gonzalo (1973-1974). The following list of presidents marked the 70’s:


• Engr. Raymundo Javellanosa (1970-1971)

• Engr. Crispin R. Las Marias (1972-1973)

• Engr. Rogelio Lazaro (1974-1975)

• Engr. Felipe Mateo, Jr. (1975-1976)

• Engr. Fabian T. Abella (1976-1977)

• Engr. Reynaldo M. Lantin (1978-1979)

Engr. Faustino G. Cueto (1979-1980)

In 1977, a new set of leadership led by Engr. Ceferino L. Follosco, Sr. revitalized the PSAE. The new leadership introduced new policies and strategies that perked up its operation and growth. During this term, a list of notable and noteworthy achievements and contributions of the organization to the agriculture sector soared. PSAE became a more active and dynamic drive in the implementation of new programs. These new programs which propelled the status of the organization include the creation of the board of trustees for scholarship. The holding of symposia on various technical subjects such as agricultural engineering law, soil and water conservation, and farm mechanization was first launched during this period. Later on, Dr. Ceferino L. Follosco, Sr., was appointed Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology.


Maturing Years


In the 1980’s PSAE just like any organization has survived its growing years and has to become a maturing organization bestowed with bigger responsibilities and tasks for its burgeoning members. Past presidents during this decade include highly respected agricultural engineers namely: Engr. Leopoldo J. Magpale, Engr. Teresita Castañedo-Silva, Engr. Ricardo T. Ventura, Engr. George Q. Canapi, Dr. Marietta S. Adriano, Engr. Teoulo Diaz, Engr. Carlito P. Fernandez, Dr. Rodolfo C. Undan, Engr. Crestituto C. Mangaoang, and Dr. Honorato L. Angeles.


During this decade, under the leadership of Dr. Rodolfo Undan, a memorandum of agreement was forged with the Department of Trade and Industry which spelled out mechanics and operations of prompt transfer and dissemination of agro-industrial technologies. The subsequent term of Engr. Crestituto C. Mangaoang saw the birth of the celebration of the Agricultural Engineering Week  through Proclamation No. 399 by President Corazon C. Aquino. Active involvement of agricultural engineers in government projects was ushered in by an agreement with the National Agriculture and Fishery Council (NAFC) to assist the implementation of the Livelihood Enhancement of Agricultural Develoment (LEAD) Program. Similarly, this decade, ushered in the new policies beneficial to the practice of the agricultural engineering profession. The "Establishment of a National Agricultural Engineering Profession" was approved during the terms of Dr. Honorato L. Angeles and Dr. Joselito V. Dela Cruz.



The Vibrant Years


The next decade of the PSAE emerged new blood in the reins of leadership. Emerging leadership with new paradigms and ideals took hold of the organization. Young and ambitious leaders during this decade include, Engr. Ariodear C. Rico (two terms), Engr. Enrico C. Paloma, Dr. Gloria P. Jimenez, Engr. Rodrigo N. De Guzman, Dr. Reynaldo C. Castro, Engr. Raul B. Alamban, and Dr. Vicente R. Vicmudo. From 1991 to 1993, Engr. Ariodear C. Rico of the Department of Agriculture accomplished the following: formulation of a strategic plan for the PSAE, forging of more responsive electoral policies; signing of PRC Resolution No. 270 (regulation of practice of agricultural engineering in the country); strengthening and revitalizing the PSAE regional chapters; expansion of the PSAE external and media linkage; enhancement of the role of agricultural engineers in the Department of Agriculture through the establishment of agricultural engineering services group at the DA Central Office. More vibrant organizations became aware on the roles and responsibilities of agricultural engineering profession to industry stakeholders. The following years that ensued marked the involvement of the agricultural engineers in government projects like the agricultural modernization program. PSAE entered into various memoranda of agreements between the Department of Agriculture, the Bureau of Post-harvest Research and Extension, Department of Agrarian Reform and various local government units to provide technical and professional services on agricultural modernization.


Later in the decade, under Engr. Juana T. Tapel’s leadership, pursued for global competitiveness of Filipino agricultural engineers. As such, through her efforts, Dr. Rodolfo C. Undan was conferred as the Philippine-AFEO Awardee during the convention held in Hanoi, Vietnam. She also spearheaded the accreditation of PSAE to the Commision on Election as Party List to participate in the May 14, 2001 elections. PSAE Constitution and By-Laws was also revised for SEC re-registration during her term.


The ensuring global financial crises affected the activities of the PSAE which reduced attendance in the National Convention. Hence, the following leadership of Engrs. Alexander G.A. Valdez and Teresito G. Aguinaldo worked hard in Technological Council and the Philippine Federation Associations and make PSAE more visible both in local and international events. Innovative approaches were initiated during the time of Dr. BERNARDO D. TADEO, increasing the numbers of sponsors and advertizers during conventions, seminars and conferences. He was appointed the first Executive Director to oversee the operation of  the society. Financial recovery continued during the leadership ENGR. ELMER T. FERRY who aggressively promoted the establishment of the PSAE building.  Renewed campaign to invigorate the membership was done by the leadership of ENGR.  FRANCIA  M. MACALINTAL with the holding of regional seminars and conferences on Farm To Market Roads, Philippine Agricultural Engineering Standards. This was continued during the time of  ENGR. ANGELITO V. ANGELES. 

During the leadership of DR. CAESAR JOVENTINO M. TADO, PSAE continued to vigorously work together with the Board of Agricultural Engineering, Philippine Technological Council(PTC) and other partners for the promotion of agricultural engineering (AE) profession. During this period AE was institutionalized in the local government units. It was also transferred from the Technical Panel (TP) of Agricultural Education of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to the TP on Engineering and Technology. Issuance of the Certificate of Good Standing(COGS) was also decentralized to revitalized further the regional chapters of the PSAE. Linkage with the CIGR was further strengthened while parnetship with the Korean Society of Agricultural Machinery was established through Memorandum of Understanding.

The  common interest to uplift the standard of living of the Filipino Farmers has been the inspiration for all Agricultural Engineers in taking the roles of engineers, technologists, researchers, educators, processors, designers, manufacturers, traders, and more importantly of farmers-the pillars of Philippine Agriculture. The mission is passed on from generation to generation with the Agricultural Engineers accountable for every seed sown and food eaten.