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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:


SECTION 1. Title. – This Act shall be known as the “Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization (AFMech) Law”.

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Highlights of 3rd Draft AE Profession's Competitiveness Road Map

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Strengthening The PHILIPPINE AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING PROFESSION for Food Sufficiency and Global Practice

A Profession’s Competitiveness Road Map for 2012-2020

Free mobility of services by 2015 which include agricultural engineering services under Philippine commitment to international agreements

 Emerging regime for global practice which include agricultural engineering

To produce 10,000 new registered and licensed agricultural engineers in the next 8 years;

To improve and strengthen the delivery of agricultural engineering services nationwide, with at least one agricultural engineer in every municipality;

To undertake or expand global practice of Philippine agricultural engineering profession in ASEAN, middle-east, US, Australia and developing countries

Increasing the production of new registered and licensed agricultural engineers (quantity and quality)

Scholarship Program

Updating of AE Curriculum to align with Washington Accord

Capability Upgrading of Agricultural Engineering Faculty

Increasing the production of new registered and licensed agricultural engineers (quantity and quality)

Career Advocacy Program;

Upgrading and Rationalizing the 46 AE Schools

Designating National AE University, Regional and Provincial AE Universities/ Colleges

Strengthening the Agricultural Engineering Services Delivery

Skills Mapping, Deployment Planning and Information Management;

Strengthening the Agricultural Engineering Services Delivery

Continuing Professional Education Program

Agricultural Engineering Specialization;

Agricultural and Fishery Mechanization

Irrigation and Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

Agricultural Buildings and Structures Engineering

Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering

Renewable Energy and Farm Electrification

Agricultural Waste Management

Aquaculture and Fishery Engineering

Forest Product Engineering

Agricultural Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Agricultural Information Resources Management

Creation of adequate number of various levels of Agricultural Engineer positions in DA, LGUs and other government offices;

Application of R.A. No. 8559 in the Qualification Standards on all positions in government and private agencies whose functions involve AE practice

Strengthening AE Private Practice

Intensify Ocular Inspection, Monitoring and Enforcement of AE Law Compliance;

Overseas Employment Mapping & Surveillance with POEA, DOLE and Agricultural Engineers abroad

) Regulation on the practice of foreign agricultural engineers in the country

Enactment of a Philippine Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Law

( From Presentation of Hon. Engr. Ariodear C. Rico, Chair, Board of Agricultural Engineering, Professional Regulation Commission)