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  • Strengthening the PSAE organization
  • Enhancing the capacity of AEs
  • Information drive and advocacy
  • Linkages and Networking

Strengthening the PSAE

  • Reactivate inactive regional chapters
  • Decentralize the issuance of COGS
  • Support the PPG
  • Update PSAE membership directory
  • Increase PSAE operational fund

Enhancing the capacity of AEs

  • Regional Seminar-Workshops on PAES for FMRs
  • Training on Rice Husk Gasification
  • Various training activities lined up by AFMeC TWG on T & E
  • Finalize guidelines on CPE
  • Awards

Information drive and advocacy

  • PSAE-DA collaborative projects
  • Active involvement of PSAE on various activities and committees of DA and other agencies
  • NAMDAC Board, AFMeC TWG on the Development of PAES for Irrigation, DA’s Rice Mech. and PH Program, Domain for PSAE website

Linkages and Networking

  • Philippine Technological Council (PTC) (ASEAN and APEC Engineers)
  • Philippine Federation of Professional Association (PFPA)
  • Asian Fedederation of Engineering Organization(AFEO)
  • Association of Asian Agricultural Engineers(AAAE)

Nomination for Regulatory Board of Agricultural Englneering

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Invitation for the action of every agricultural engineer of good standing in the country in relation to the nomination for the Chair and two (2) members of the Board of Agricultural Engineering of the Professional Regulation Commission.


 Interested Applicants please submit the following to:




Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers

1st level Agricultural Training Institute Bldg.

Diliman, Quezon City


Documents required in triplicate copies:


1. Letter of intent

2. personal data sheets

3. nomination form under oath

4. Clearances from NBI, Sandiganbayan, Ombudsman, & Civil Service Commission

For further inquiries,kindly text call or email Ms Phoebe Reyes, Executive Secretary, PSAE at 09275047270, (02)920-4071, [email protected].



PSAE Design Standard 2011

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To all PSAE Members and Fellow Ag Engineers, please be inform that the Committee of Code and Standards, Chaired by Engr ALEXIS T. Belonio will spearhead the development of PSAE Design Standard 2011 on Standard Engineering Design Practice in Agriculture, Food, and Biological Systems in the Philippines. please see the Concept below for your comments, inquiry and support:



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Dapitan City, Zamboanga Del Norte

April25-28, 2011

The Welcome Dinner and Consultation with the Secretary of Agriculture started at 7:00 PM. Other guests were BFAR Director Sarmiento, DA Reg Director C. Mendoza, BFAR Reg Director Sajili, the Gen Manager of the PFDA, National Coordinator for Rice and third District Congressman C. Jalosjos, PRC BOAE Chair A. Rico, together with the PSAE Officers and Board graced the occasion. Governor Yebes of Zamboanga Del Norte gave the Welcome Remarks and stressed his appreciation to the PSAE members who came inspite of perceived notions on the peace and order problem in the region. He emphasized the need of more agricultural engineers in Zamboanga de Norte, being a predominantly agricultural province, and the AEs to share knowledge in improving the area for agriculture programs.

Acting President J. Soriano thanked the Secretary of Agriculture, Hon. P. Alcala for issuing a memorandum to all attached agencies of the Department, allowing all agricultural engineers to attend the convention. He likewise made mention on PSAE thrust and request to the DA on possible Scholarship Program for Agricultural Engineer Course, Upgrade Schools for AE to attract students to enroll in this course as enrollees dwindled, and Enforce positions of AE in Local Government units.

The Emcee proceeded by Reading the PSAE Proposal or Wish List to the DA Sec., such as Agri. Eng. Technology Support Center, Increase rice area, Biofuel Program, Organic Farming and Creation of Engineering and Fisheries Office.

Sec. Alcala responded on the Wish List, and that he is amenable in the promotion of the AE course, that the proposed Center will be discussed and studied especially on legality of the Building Space. For the issue on increasing rice areas, this will be tackled with the National Rice Coordinator Dante Delima. On Biofuel Program and Organic Farming, these concerns are the priority also of the Department, and envisioned that there will be organic farms for every province. He challenged the AEs to design machineries not only for palay and corn but also for high value crops. He also emphasized that currently there is a looming increase in Food Prices worldwide. There are also plans of sorghum production and the opportunity to export chicken and hogs as the Philippines are an FMD free country. There is also a proposal of AE Scholarships of around 20 students under the ACEF. On the Creation of Engineering Office, this will be consulted along with the Rationalization Plan of the Department.

During the open forum, an issue was raised that in the Rationalization of DA, the Engineering Division was downgraded as a Section; hence it is requested to the Secretary to retain it. Sec. Alcala answered that this will be doubled check with the committee tasked on this. However, any needed manpower for the time being could be augmented by hiring of Job Orders.

The Provincial Agriculturist of Sultan Kudarat raised the issue on the possibility of the re nationalization of the devolved agricultural extension workers, and what is the current status on this. The response of the Sec was that the financial considerations such as budgetary concerns will be studied. To this issue, Cong. Jalosjos advised the PSAE to write to his office regarding this concern so he could refer this to his committee.

2nd Day

April 26, 2011


The PSAE Convention was formally open, with Welcome Remarks from the Vice Mayor of Dapitan City, Hon Patri Chan, thanking the PSAE for holding the annual convention in Dapitan City, which they are promoting to be a tourist destination in Region 9. She envited the group to explore the beautiful city of Dapitan, and further showed appreciation for the endeavour and the role of the AE in agricultural development in the country.

Then Opening Remarks was delivered by Dr. Junel Soriano, PSAE Acting President. He reiterated what he had imparted during the Welcome Dinner on the concerns of decreasing Ag. Engr students through the years and to upgrade the agri engineering facilities and equipments in schools offering this course. He mentioned also the importance of the Continues Profession Education (CPE) which is requisite in the renewal of AE PRC License. He also brought out the impending need to amend the PSAE Constitution and By Laws, and its Rules. Dr. Soriano was happy to announce that the PSAE has a stable fund to finance operations and programs.

Dr. Edgar S. Balbuena, President of JRMSU gave his message of support to the activities of the PSAE and exhorted the group to be morally upright and challenged the AEs in promoting the development of agriculture in our country.

The Keynote address which was supposed to be given by Sec. Alcala was read instead by Dr. Dennis Palabrica, President PSAE 9, as the former has to leave for other commitments. The gist of the Secretary’s speech dwells on the importance of the AE’s and even cited that our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal was even practicing as an agricultural engineer as he developed and provided the water and irrigation facilities in the place where he was exiled.

After the program, the Ribbon Cutting proceeded to formally open the Exhibits.


The different topics lined up for the afternoon plenary session started on time. The participants were attentive in the subject matters that the speakers discussed due to their relevance and importance.

The respective PSAE Regional Chapters then reported to the body the different activities they have undertaken as well as their and plans and programs lined up.

During the open forum, the AEs were challenged to prove to become valuable actors in the effort to prepare for the impacts of climate change, and take action as a group, the PSAE Group.

On the plans of PSAE partnering with LGU, which aims in developing the GIS Capability of LGU’s thru open-source GIS initially for Climate Change Application, the question was on how to partner PSAE with LGU. This is through by having an initial training for the PSAE members at UPLB, then afterwards, partnership with LGU may be forged in the near future.

Updates of the Enforcement of RA no. 8559 and findings of BOAE Ocular Inspection, was discussed thoroughly by Hon. Ariodear Rico.

Other issues rose:

• Engr. Elmar Sostinto of ZN, shared to the group on her experiences as a practicing AE and how she was able to convince the LGU on the participation of AE in approval of designs in agricultural buildings and facilities.

• The issue of the different fee rates required by practicing AEs was resolved to be standardized and there is already a copy of the standard rates to be provided to the participants.

• Issuance of Certificate of Good Standing should be decentralized, to avoid hassle and delays. This was the concern of majority of the participants and extends their appeal to the Board of Trustees to decentralize the issuance of the Certificate of Good Standing.

• The Procedure in the issuance of the Good Standing was further clarified by the Acting PSAE President.

• From Engr. Carlo Galenzoga of Reg. X. – he made mentioned that last year it was the issue of giving the Regional Chapter President receipts so they can decentralized the issuance of the Cert of Good Standing, but however that was not properly documented. This was responded by Engr. Palabrica that indeed there was an agreement between the PSAE National President and the Chapter Presidents regarding the decentralization of issuance of certificate of good standing. He emphasized that this could also motivate the chapter to actively participate in PSAE activities and encouraged more members in the Chapter. He extended his appeal to the Board to reconsider and that Regional Chapters will be given the authority to issue the CGS.

A participant from Leyte in like manner brought out the advantages, and asked that this be resolved by dividing the house.

Engr. Fran Macalintal replied that this was not push thru because not all regional chapters were organized and base from their previous experience that they have, was that some receipts were not returned to the PSAE National. Supposedly the sharing is 60-40 in the collection.

Hon. Rico responded that steps should be made to improve the current system.

• On Annual Dues, it was clarified if a member has not paid for several years the last three years is required to be paid, that is P1, 500.00 as membership fee is P500.00 per year.

• Some participants complained that during the National Convention in Camarines Sur, they have renewed their license, but up to date they have not received their Licenses. Hon. Rico requested those that have not yet received their renewed license to submit their names to the secretariat so he could attend to this.

• A query from a participant in Reg. XI that will the attendees/participant to this year’s convention will be given their Cert of Good Standing, of which it was clarified by PSAE National that the convention fee covers only one year annual dues.

• It was suggested once again that the CGS should be decentralized as this is the prevalent clamor of the members.

• One participant questioned if the 60-40 scheme is still practice. It was responded that this was not yet changed. Dr. Palabrica however mentioned that when he remitted the collections together with the receipts, Region 9 was not given the supposed share. This matter should be addressed to.

3rd Day

April 27, 2011

Casting and canvassing of votes for the PSAE Board of Trustees was conducted along with the Parallel Technical Papers and Posters Presentations that was held at the JRMSU Library.

During the night, the Newly Elected PSAE BOT members were proclaimed.

4th Day

April 28, 2011

General Assembly and Business Meeting

Prior to the Business Meeting, Reg 9 PSAE Chapter Pres. Palabrica, explained on why some of the participants did not received their kit (bag). As it is, the National Chapter ordered only 150 bags not anticipating the turned out of a number of participants, expecting only around that number since there were no confirmations before hand. However, additional bags would be delivered, and if still lacking, the bags will be sent to the regional chapter. He requested that those who did not receive will submit their names to the secretariat. Dr. Palabrica apologized on this hitch.

The meeting was called to order:

The Roll was called and a quorum was declared.

The agenda was read and there was a motion to approved the agenda and was duly seconded. A proposal was raised to include in the agenda PSAB and PSAE. The presider said that this would be included in the Other Matters.

The Secretary was then requested to read the minutes of the previous meeting. While the minutes were read, Dr. Vicmudo suggested that the Secretary should only read the highlights of the previous minutes. After the reading of the minutes, the presider asks the body for any comments or questions and corrections to the minutes. There being none, the meeting proceeded.

I. Matters arising from the previous meeting were next discussed.

A suggestion was raised that for the next convention, the minutes, and all other reports should be in hard copies/print outs and should be included in the kit. Furthermore, that while presenting the report to the body, it should be accompanied by a power point presentation and not just merely be read. It was suggested further, that it would be more appreciable if all these would be uploaded in the PSAE website. These suggestions were put into motion and were approved by the body.

II. On the President Report, it dwells on:

* Current funds and the amount of P400, 000+ that was realized during the last convention

* Issuance on the Cert. of Good Standing

* Finalization of Copy of Professional Fees (will be reproduced)

*Purchased Equipments

*Pre-Professional Group

III. On The Financial Report Read by Dr Castillo, it was once again moved and seconded that a print out of the report should be provided and presented with power point presentation.

IV. The Regional Chapters subsequently reported the updates in their respective chapters. In Reg. 4 conducted Ag.Eng. Review Class and likewise conducted Consultative Meeting to established PSAE Provincial Chapters. It was mentioned that they have submitted request for authority to issue Cert. of Good Standing, and plans to conduct training for knowledge enhancement. In Region XI, they reported that their chapter conducted AE Technical Forum.

However, it was observed that some regional chapters are not so organized.

V. Hanging of Streamers

It was moved and seconded that for next year’s celebration of the Ag. Eng. Week, the PSAE National would write to the different Department Secretaries, enjoining and requesting them to participate and support the celebration, thru hanging of streamers in their respective office premises.

In relation to this motion, the PSAE should provide a pro format for the streamers to be included in the letter.

VI. On the Clamor to decentralized the Issuance of Certificate of Good Standing to the Regional Chapters

A Memorandum of Agreement should be formulated between the PSAE National and PSAE Regional, based on the Criteria Set by PSAE National. It was then agreed that PSAE Board of Trustees will set guideline in this effect.

VII. On the Retention of RAED as a division and not downgraded to a section.

Per information from Engr. Macalintal, the DA Change Management Team did not agree for its retention and still downgraded it as a section because the request was supported by weak justification. At present, the PSAE is still lobbying for its retention.

VIII. Proposed Amendments of By Laws

There were proposals to amend Article 3 - Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities of the members, as well as financial assistance to PSAE member. In line with this, it was suggested that a hard copy will be provided and with PowerPoint presentation to whatever part of the constitution that is proposed to be amended or modified to be actively scrutinized by the group during the next convention.

It was observed that in the PSAE Website, the Constitution and By Laws were not included; hence the body agreed that this would be available for the members.

IX. Creations of Chapters

Proposals to be submitted to PSAE National and consultations will ensue.

X. Transparency of the PSAE Funds

For the purpose of transparency, it must be made clear and in hard copy during the Financial Reporting.

An issue was raised about the raffle ticket, the Board of trustee decided to return the money to the buyers.

XI. Inventory of all PSAE Records

The new set of officers is tasked on this matter.

XII. Bidding for the Venue of the 2012 PSAE Convention

The following Chapters bided for the next convention. Necessary documents should be sent to PSAE National. The places lined up for the convention are:

• Palawan

• Tuguegarao

• Tagum City and

• General Santos City

The assembly approved that the next national convention will be held at Palawan.

There being no other matter raised, the meeting was adjourned.

Prepared by:


PSAE Reg. 9 Chapter

Noted by:


PSAE Reg. 9 President